I’m Not Good At Waiting, But It Is Always Worth The Wait

Our God is a God of perfect timing. I am a person who can’t wait 5 minutes for a full pot of coffee to brew.

Joseph walked through years of painful waiting. And even though he could not have understood the why or the how, he remained committed to seeking and honoring God while he waited. It’s easy to read this story from start to finish and to recognize in hindsight all that God was doing to prepare Joseph to save his family and all of Israel.  But I would imagine we have all experienced how impossible it feels to see God’s hand and his providence while we are still in the middle of the wait.

But when God’s timing met Joseph’s preparation, Joseph moved from prison to prince in the course of ONE conversation.

I am not good at waiting, but nothing has built my faith more than walking through seasons where all I could do was try to trust God long enough to be able to look back. Looking back has always afforded me the most beautiful view of the hand of God writing a story that has always been worth the wait.

We may not see it in the moment, we may not understand the preparation that is taking place, we may have no idea what is being orchestrated around us, but we can know that our God – the God of Joseph – has always been and will always be faithful and that his timing is impeccable.

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